Definition Object

	"claim": "Lots 37, 38 and 39 in Block 12, as shown and delineated on Zayante Lakes Subdivision No. 4 filed for record in Map Book 25 Page 3 Santa Cruz County Records.",
	"coordinates": {
		"lat": 37.086937,
		"lon": -122.045628
	"geoJson": {
		"type": "Polygon",
		"coordinates": [
				[-122.0453564, 37.0870953],
				[-122.0454849, 37.0871107],
				[-122.0456193, 37.0871268],
				[-122.0456637, 37.0871321],
				[-122.045746, 37.0871653],
				[-122.0460074, 37.0870017],
				[-122.0459124, 37.0869111],
				[-122.0458153, 37.0868183],
				[-122.0457375, 37.0867441],
				[-122.0456462, 37.0866569],
				[-122.0456394, 37.0866615],
				[-122.0455482, 37.0867187],
				[-122.0455367, 37.0867254],
				[-122.0455365, 37.0867255],
				[-122.0455364, 37.0867256],
				[-122.0454636, 37.0867652],
				[-122.0453884, 37.0868017],
				[-122.0453109, 37.0868351],
				[-122.0453564, 37.0870953]
	"holdingEntity": "Fabrica S7BH3N82F5F26 Trust",
	"offchainRegistrar": {
		"admin": "Santa Cruz",
		"adminId": "06087",
		"country": "us_ca",
		"propertyId": "074-142-22"

The definition object is immutable: once the NFT has been minted, it will stay the same for the whole lifetime of the NFT.

The most important attribute is the mandatory field claim: it defines the property the NFT represents and it's commonly based on the legal description and language used at the local jurisdiction to define the property.

holdingEntity: in geographies where a legal wrapper is required to map ownership, this specifies the name of the entity or instrument (trust, llc, or other form of contract) that is used to hold title. Title (as per claim) shall be recorded at the local registry (land registry, cadastre, county recorder or similar) under that name.

offchainRegistrar: an object with pointers to the registrar that can be used to verify NFT ownership. This is tipically the local administrative body where deeds are recorded and where a user or application can verify that the claim was actually and properly recorded or registered in the name of the holdingEntity.

coordinates: the GPS coords that can be used to find the property. This can be used to quickly index the NFTs in a geographical database, and shall not be considered official coordinates of the property, but purely a way to easily find the property.

geoJson: a representation of the boundaries of the property on the map. Client application can use this information to represent the property on a map, or can ignore it if they have more accurate data to represent the property. The set of coordinates shall be considered just for representation purposes, not accuracy nor legal value.