Property NFT


Each property is represented as a standard ERC1155 token

Elements of the Fabrica token

id : uint256  
supply : uint256  
operatingAgreement : string  
definition : string  
configuration : string  
validator : address

Ownership of tokens establishes ownership of the property

A property (defined by an id) can have a supply of 1 or multiple tokens, fungible amongst them:

  • a supply of 1 means that there can only be one owner for that property
  • a supply of more than 1 means that the property is owned proportionally to how the tokens are allocated. (e.g.: If you own 57 tokens of out 100 outstanding, you own 57% of the property)


The governance of the property is defined in the legal agreement linked to the NFT through the operatingAgreement property, which represents the legal firmware of the property. See Operating Agreement.


The definition property can only be set at minting time and it's immutable. It's the core definition of what real estate property the NFT represents. See Definition Object.


The configuration property can be updated by the owner(s) of the NFT and it links to additional information about the property. See Configuration Object.


Validators have a key role in bridging the standard ERC1155 interface with the reality of the processes, operations and regulatory framework to which the real property belongs. NFT owners elect a validator (identified by a smartcontract address) to take care of these duties. See Validators.