Title Process - Loading

When a user comes to Fabrica (or any other selected member in the validator networkIntroduction)) with the intent to digitize their property ownership, they start by providing information about the property.

Once the basic information is entered, Fabrica runs a review of the property and pulls a title report. Our goal is to confirm the following data:

  1. present owner identity - who is the party named as a grantee on the most recently recorded deed;
  2. chain of title - confirm deeds record transfers from grantors to grantees in a chain as far back as is available;
  3. encumbrances - confirm the property is free and clear of any liens or encumbrances that may affect the ability to adequately represent ownership on chain (note: onboarding properties with liens is not currently available);
  4. legal description in prior deed(s) - ensure there is a match between what was granted in prior deeds and the description of ownership being granted on-chain.

In the process of load, validators also confirm the user's identity.

If the grantor is an individual, validators may rely on notaries to confirm that names match the user's identification documents.

If the grantor is an LLC, validators need to verify ownership and authority over the entity, or rely on a 3rd party KYB processor to do so.

With documents validated and user identified, the validator moves on to the notary and recording process, issuing the NFT, collecting the service fee, and finalizing any remaining steps to bring the property on-chain.